Harness the power of your data to predict the future and take targeted action.

Your organisation's data provides valuable insight into how your audience will behave in the future. Audience Predict uses powerful algorithms to model things such as which customers or members are likely to stay, who is likely to leave, who could spend more, and what are the reasons.

Every person gets an individual rating - with reasons attached - to be imported into your database.


Audience Predict is Australian-made, and comes with two options to help your team.

Audience Predict also delivers a complete demographic analysis, including your data mapped and visualised in our own portal.


Our leading Australian data scientists work directly with you.

Audience Predict is developed by The Red Fox Group, a Melbourne and Sydney-based data and technology company. Our experts are all locally based, meaning we are here when you need us.

Audience Predict algorithms have been built with thousands of data points developed over years of experience. We analyse:

  • Historical member behavior in both your organisation and industry
  • Individual member behavior
  • Potential COVID-19 impact including your members employment and financial risk
  • Current and historic on-field performance (if applicable sector) 
  • Other relevant outside factors

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Audience Predict has incredibly affordable options. Our team understand the impact COVID-19 has had on many member-based organisations, so we can discuss how to best meet your needs.