Digital & Marketing

Change people's thinking.


We uncover key audiences and create data-driven content for advertising campaigns.

Our digital analysts can complement your existing team, helping you understand the demographics of your online audience, and use detailed data and analytics work to engage, grow, and monetise these audiences. 

​Put simply, we find the people who need to see your message, and help you talk to them directly with customised content. 

We work across platforms including social media, email and text messaging. Our expert services include:

  • Find your target audience through demographic modelling
  • Undertake research to develop a clear and consistent campaign message
  • Develop creative content based on your campaign message. Our team can develop graphics, videos and animation
  • Execute a disciplined campaign across multiple platforms, including testing, placing and reviewing ads

We work on both major national campaigns, and more locally targeted advertising. Contact our team to find out more.


Here's how Red Fox analysts deliver your digital campaign. 

Targeted Messaging

We find your target audience, and undertake analytics to establish the geographic locations which will deliver the maximum impact for your campaign.

Content Creation

We develop creative content for digital campaigns based on agreed messaging. Our content is always easily understood by the target audience.

Campaign Execution

We select the right platform for your message, place the ads and target the right people. We also constantly review campaign effectiveness.

Do you need a hand to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time?