Data & Insights

Explore your data and make better decisions.



Data is everywhere. Your organisation already has it. So harness its power.

The Red Fox Group's analysts work with an organisation’s raw data to find the hidden insights in complex data sets. Our work can help you: 

  • Find new sales,  income and business 
  • Provide targeted marketing to both customers and prospects 
  • Discover the most valuable customers and clients, as well as those at risk of leaving
  • Predict the behaviours of key consumers  
  • Forecast what is likely to happen in the future 
  • Measure the performance of your products 
  • Understand the effectiveness of promotions and campaigns 
  • Discover cost savings  
  • Both grow and build out your databases

12 ways your data can help you grow.

Find new customers, clients or members
Through analysing your data, our team can tell you where you should be looking to maximise your growth. We take a deep dive into your data and find what is currently working, what is not, and what other trends can be found in your industry. We then tell you what your market wants, what message you should be delivering, who exactly will be receptive and where these new people can be found.

Discover your target market and better understand it
Our team will build a complete demographic profile of your current audience, allowing you to make more informed decisions on things such as growth, retention and service delivery.

Create a more efficient business and save money
Our team analyses things such as your revenue data, operating hours, patronage levels, sales and audience demographics to find areas of improvement in your operating model.

Generate more revenue out of your current customers, clients, members or donors
Our team will dive into your data and tell you exactly who - and what - will generate you a higher return through measures such as cross and up-selling.

Achieve the best possible retention rate for your customers, clients or members
Our team build models to tell you the likely behavior of every single one of your contacts, and why. This will then allowing you to take targeted action.

Create better satisfaction levels
We analyse your current products and offerings, uncover any problems and help you deliver a better experience, or simply a better targeted product.

Find the right sponsors and deliver the right message
Use the demographics of your organisation - and your reach - to find the right sponsor, at the best possible rate.

Deliver the right service or  offering for your target market and business location
Our team can tell you who in community is interested in your product or service, and who is not. You can then take much more targeted action.

Make smart acquisitions based on understanding buys that directly align with your business model 
Our team will find all the businesses in your target market, and build a model of the best ones to go after based on what the data is telling us.

Understand why your business generates better revenue on certain days and times
Our team compare your sales data with a wide range of public data to find the answer. We also build predictive models helping you to better prepare things like staffing and stock levels.

Attract external funding for your project
If you are seeking funding, our team will show how your data can be a powerful tool in proving the importance of your project to decision makers.

Understand what tomorrow will bring for your team
We will predict the future for you! Just ask us how.

The Red Fox Team will analyse your data against thousands of datasets we have brought together. 

Economic Data

Population Data

Transport Data

Health Data

Education Data

Government Data

We use data visualisation to allow you to easily analyse insights.

We display our findings through interactive visual elements including charts, graphs, pictures and detailed mapping, allowing you to:

  • Absorb information quickly
  • Analyse trends and patterns
  • Find new target markets
  • Monitor and evaluate investments
  • Track performance against goals and strategy

You can also use our platform to present our findings to your team, executive and board.