DashFox is a custom-built data intelligence tool, combining all your data sources into one platform. It enables users to capture data, visually analyse insights, and gain a deep understanding of business performance.

DashFox is created by The Red Fox Group, an Australian-based data, digital and analytics firm.

Business Intelligence For Your Entire Organisation

Through interactive visual elements including charts, graphs, pictures and detailed mapping, DashFox helps you easily understand the millions of rows of data stored in your systems and spreadsheets.

Our live dashboard allows organisations to:

  • Absorb information quickly
  • Analyse trends and patterns
  • Monitor and evaluate investments
  • Track performance against goals and strategy

DashFox updates in real-time, making it always live and current.

Unlike tools such as PowerBI and Tableau, all our DashFox deployments are hosted in a secure cloud environment viewable in modern web browsers and include an unlimited number of users.

DashFox is a proudly local product, allowing teams to gain a much deeper understanding of your organisation's requirements as we work face-to-face with your team.

How DashFox will give you unrivalled intelligence

Real Time Insights

Have our data scientists expertly extract and clean data from all your key systems into DashFox. Our software updates in real time, making it always live and current.

Monitor Performance

See how your results are performing against your strategy and plans. Our mapping technology allows you to find otherwise hidden areas of customer strengths and weaknesses.

Better Understand Your Customer

Understand your key demographics, see where they live and easily visualise future opportunities for growth.

Track Churn

Target customer retention by tracking who is likely to leave your organisation and when they'll do it, allowing you to intervene early.

Understand Revenue

Analyse your results through any measure, and compare them to previous weeks, months and years.

Review Business Systems

Track and analyse business processes including incoming calls, visits, referrals and much more. We integrate online and offline conversions, so you have a 360-degree view of your customers.

Evaluate Marketing

Integrate your digital marketing campaigns with your business data sources and find deep insights from your social media analytics, web traffic and email response rates. Then target your digital marketing efforts with pin point precision.

Presentation Mode

Eliminate PowerPoint by using DashFox Presentation Mode to select which findings you want to present to your team, executive and Board.

Expert Advantage

We're not just selling a product. DashFox comes with access to the data scientists and developers at The Red Fox Group to customise it to your needs and bring your data to life. You and your team don't need to learn to code - we'll do the hard work.

Want to have a chat about how DashFox can bring your data to life?