How we can help your business during these difficult times

20 March 2020

It goes without saying that the global outbreak of COVID-19 will have profound and far reaching impacts on our society and economy. The situation is rapidly evolving but we’re already seeing a massive surge in web traffic. By some estimates global traffic has already doubled.

As more people are working from home or self-isolating, they’ll be browsing more and more websites looking for new products and services, ways to save money and do things differently, and re-evaluating their existing providers.

Here at The Red Fox Group we’re also taking a moment to think about how we can help small and medium businesses to get through this incredibly challenging time.

Often the first time someone will find out about your company is when they see your results in a search engine (your website is Search Engine Optimised, right?) and the first chance you’ll have to engage them is with your homepage.

Many will often judge your business, rightly or wrongly, on your website.

Now more than ever it’s vital that your business has a modern, responsive and up-to-date web presence.

One example we’re well aware of is mortgage brokers – they’re currently flat out fielding calls from clients wanting the most up to date information. We’re already working with several brokers to modernise their web presence so they can more effectively communicate with their clients.

Here at The Red Fox Group we’ve developed WebFox, an end-to-end service that takes the pain out of a website build. We can work with your existing brand and collateral or help you get something fresh. We’ll then build you a customised site designed to bring in the leads. We can take care of the content so you don’t even need to worry about that.

We appreciate many organisations are facing significant uncertainty regarding cashflow so we can also work with you to make ensure that isn’t a barrier to upgrading your presence.

 We believe in long term partnerships – our Melbourne-based team is always here to provide training webinars, help and support and we’ll perform regular health checks to ensure you’re getting the best results out of your site.

Get in touch today and let’s have an obligation free phone or video call about how we can help.