Boat Ramps on Australia’s East Coast

By Jaxen Wood

26 April 2021

It’s a fact that most Australians live on Australia’s coastline. 

With this in mind, our Data Scientists decided to investigate boat ramp locations along Australia’s East Coast and here’s what we discovered. 

Using publicly available data on relevant transport and recreational boating government websites, we learnt that there are: 

  • 714 boat ramps in New South Wales (1 per 11,437 NSWers) (1 per 311 boats) 
  • 412 boat ramps in Victoria (1 per 16,215 Victorians) 
  • 432 boat ramps in Queensland (1 per 12,000 Queenslanders) (1 per 598 boats) 

We were also able to learn that there are 258,200 boats in Queensland (1 per 20 Qlders) and 222,495 boats in New South Wales (1 per 36 NSWers). 

Isochrones are a great way to visualise the driving distance covered between a point, over a given duration. We created isochrones around each boat ramp to visualise the areas of people who live within 30 minutes of a boat ramp. 

And using SwiftFox CRM’s mapping tools, we were able to develop the following maps: 

NSW’s 714 Boat Ramps 


QLD Boat Ramps near the Brisbane area, and a 30 minute drive around each: 


We also discovered that most of Sydney lives within 30 minutes of boat ramp: 


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