By Jaxen Wood and Zach Alexopoulos

06 May 2021

When it comes to data - whether it’s hundreds of rows or millions of them - it is a major asset. 

However, data is also something that requires a lot of work and upkeep in order to be valuable day-to-day. 

Here at SwiftFox, we’re regularly approached by clients who need assistance with organising, cleaning and analysing their data. 

In one instance, while working with a popular Tourism Attraction Site that also has a membership wing of the organisation, we were asked to delve deeper into the various datasets within their system. 

Their datasets were specifically made up of  

  • Demographics of current and past members 
  • Visitation statistics from members and the public 
  • A list of donations received and which ones were made by members  
  • Car park usage for both members and the public 

Firstly, our team had to put this data into a consistent and reliable format within our CRM (customer relationship management system). Once it was in our database, we matched all the datasets together. For example, we lined up the member list with member visits and member donations. 

Once the data was all clean and tidy, we aggregated it to find patterns, insights and interesting points.  

We know that visualising data can be tough or confusing for clients if it’s not done in a clear way. So one of our solutions to presenting our findings to this particular client, was to provide an online interactive tool that visualised the results of our analysis. This included maps, charts and graphs - as well as informative text and recommendations.  

Further to this, inputting results into the SwiftFox CRM allows our clients to have ongoing, easy access to their reports and analysis. With the power of our database, they are also able to continue to view updated versions of information over time. 

SwiftFox CRM enables its users to easily communicate complex insights to teams in a digestible way. It keeps everyone on the same page and means that they are able to remain efficient and ahead of the game. 

Your data is powerful. If you want to harness that power, connect with one of our team members today at