4 reasons to visualise your business intelligence

18 October 2019

Anyone who has had any exposure to business software in the last few years has heard of data visualisation dashboards. But what are they and do you even need one?

The term dashboard itself has been adopted from the dashboard in your car which you check regularly while driving.

When you’re on the road you use the dashboard to get a visual summary of how your car is performing, in real time, at a glance. That’s exactly what data visualisation dashboards like DashFox set out to achieve.

We’ve put together a short list of four reasons why you need to consider a data visualisation dashboard for your business or organisation.

1. Real-Time Insights

Traditional business reporting often relies on spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations that are out of date by the time they’re presented.

Modern web-based dashboards like DashFox connect directly to a multitude of different data sources and allow you to visualise your data as it is happening. If you’re seeing a sudden spike or drop in sales, you want to know about it instantly, not wait for your next monthly sales meeting.

2. Monitor Performance

All top performing businesses and organisations have well defined strategy, goals and KPIs.

Aligning your dashboards with your business objectives allow you to track how you’re performing – not only can you see what’s going well and what isn’t, but you can compare your results to your projections.

There is no point in spending long hours developing a solid strategy if you’re not monitoring your performance towards achieving your aims.

3. Understand Revenue

A good dashboard allows you to drill down and find out more detail. They encourage you to be curious.

Instead of just being presented with top line figures, a dashboard allows anyone (with appropriate access controls of course!) to look at where your revenue is coming from, how you’re getting new leads, and compare to past revenue.

Want to know more about your customers, members or donors? A good dashboard will capture your data, merge it with other (potentially external) data sets and give you a real time understanding of the people interacting with your organisation.

4. Evaluate Marketing

In many organisations, marketing data sits in a silo that often gets very little visibility. That’s a problem we’ve set out to solve with DashFox. We built integrations with many of the large social media and digital marketing platforms so that you can visualise how your digital marketing is performing, in real time, and the impact it is having on your business.

Not only that, but if you invest in a well-developed platform like DashFox you can use it to track offline conversions. How are your Facebook ads impacting your brick and mortar sales? A good dashboard can tell you!

Introducing DashFox

16 October 2019

We’re proud to announce DashFox, our custom-built data intelligence tool which combines all your data sources into one easy to understand platform.

Our team of web developers, data scientists, digital marketing experts and economists have built a system that enables you to capture data from various sources, visually analyse insights and gain a deep understanding of business and organisational performance.

We're not just selling a product. DashFox comes with access to the data scientists and developers at The Red Fox Group to customise it to your needs and bring your data to life. You and your team don't need to learn to code - we'll do the hard work.

Find out more about how DashFox can bring your data to life here.

CTS 2019

09 September 2019

We can't wait to join ShineWing Australia's CTS Conference 2019 for an insightful discussion about how big data is creatively being used to problem solve, create efficiencies, increase revenue, and staying ahead of market competition.

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