13 July 2020

With everybody working, shopping and doing business from home – your website has never been more important.

This year WebFox team have proudly partnered with the MFAA to help get broker businesses online. Working with the industry we understand the challenges facing mortgage brokers and the impact COVID-19 is having on small business.

As a local business ourselves, we want to do what we can to help.

So, for a limited time, WebFox is offering mortgage brokers a brand new website – free.

There’s no catch.

Valued at $2,250, we’re waiving the full design, set up and administration fees to deliver a modern, customised and purpose built website - giving your business a boost, when you need it most. We’ll take your old site and rebuild it on our state-of-the-art website platform.

You can see examples of our websites here. Our standard monthly hosting and maintenance cost is just $75.

Don’t let a tired website be the reason a potential customer goes elsewhere – speak to our team about how WebFox can help your business make a great first impression.

This offer is strictly available to the first 100 mortgage brokers to sign up.

How we can help your business during these diff...

20 March 2020

It goes without saying that the global outbreak of COVID-19 will have profound and far reaching impacts on our society and economy. The situation is rapidly evolving but we’re already seeing a massive surge in web traffic. By some estimates global traffic has already doubled.

As more people are working from home or self-isolating, they’ll be browsing more and more websites looking for new products and services, ways to save money and do things differently, and re-evaluating their existing providers.

Here at The Red Fox Group we’re also taking a moment to think about how we can help small and medium businesses to get through this incredibly challenging time.

Often the first time someone will find out about your company is when they see your results in a search engine (your website is Search Engine Optimised, right?) and the first chance you’ll have to engage them is with your homepage.

Many will often judge your business, rightly or wrongly, on your website.

Now more than ever it’s vital that your business has a modern, responsive and up-to-date web presence.

One example we’re well aware of is mortgage brokers – they’re currently flat out fielding calls from clients wanting the most up to date information. We’re already working with several brokers to modernise their web presence so they can more effectively communicate with their clients.

Here at The Red Fox Group we’ve developed WebFox, an end-to-end service that takes the pain out of a website build. We can work with your existing brand and collateral or help you get something fresh. We’ll then build you a customised site designed to bring in the leads. We can take care of the content so you don’t even need to worry about that.

We appreciate many organisations are facing significant uncertainty regarding cashflow so we can also work with you to make ensure that isn’t a barrier to upgrading your presence.

 We believe in long term partnerships – our Melbourne-based team is always here to provide training webinars, help and support and we’ll perform regular health checks to ensure you’re getting the best results out of your site.

Get in touch today and let’s have an obligation free phone or video call about how we can help.

It’s 2020. Does your website support mobile?

23 January 2020

You probably already know this: mobile phones are very popular. Chances are you’ve already heard that your website needs to be mobile-friendly if you want to be competitive. But if you haven’t made the jump yet you might be wondering if this is all just hot air.

How important is mobile?

Mobile internet traffic has grown over 500% since 2011. Back in October 2016 the world hit a tipping point – where global mobile web traffic officially surpassed desktop traffic.

The key takeaway is if your website is not mobile friendly, chances are over half of your visitors are going to have a bad experience.

But my users are old school!

Are they? This is always worth reviewing. You can easily jump into Google Analytics (you’ve got that installed, right? If not, we can help you get Google Analytics setup), and under Audience select Mobile and find out what proportion of your users are visiting you from desktops, tablets or mobile devices.

Do I need a separate mobile website?

Web technology has moved on a lot since the early days of the first iPhones. Back then it was common to build a totally separate version of your website for mobile users. Now modern web tools like WebFox allow you to build responsive layouts – that are designed to respond to whatever size screen they are being displayed on. A table might collapse into boxes to fit on a mobile screen, and large images and video will scale down.

We’ve built WebFox with grids that automatically collapse on mobile, so you’ve got maximum flexibility on desktop, and don’t have to worry about it also looking good on mobile.

Where to from here?

The absolute first step you should do is visit your own website on a mobile phone. How easy is it to find all the details that a mobile user might be looking for? Can they see your key products and services? Find your office location? Give you a call or an inquiry email?

If you think your website’s mobile experience isn’t up to scratch, get in touch. We can talk though your options and how we can build a great mobile experience for you with WebFox (and we’ll even install Google Analytics for you too!).