What Data Tells Us - The 2020 US Presidential E...

30 October 2020

What is data telling us about the 2020 US Presidential election?

Watch this great webinar deep-dive with The Red Fox Group's Head of Analytics Zach Alexopoulos and Australian Financial Review's John Kehoe. Which are the states to watch, can we trust the polling, how is the Senate looking?

We take a look at all the big questions.

State of the US Race - What Data Tells Us

21 October 2020

We love working with data - whether we're predicting results, forecasting growth, understanding risk or creating targeted narratives.

Analysing data can also help understand how governments tick - and how elections will play out. What is the community thinking? Where are leaders looking for support? What key issues will impact results?

Join us for an entertaining evening as we discuss what data is telling us about the upcoming United States Presidential Election, featuring Australian Financial Review reporter and former US Correspondent, John Kehoe, and The Red Fox Group's Head of Analytics, Zach Alexopoulos.

The free webinar is will be held at 7pm on Wednesday October 28, register online by clicking here now.